Blog; Blog; Blog.

Hi there, in my first blog I’m going to address the fact that I know no other bloggers. Or am aware that the people (journalists) I do follow have blogs now and I’m going to tell you rivetingly  whether or not I like them.

The first blog I’m going to look at is the Daily Post. Recently a blog was uploaded from the page discussing the fashion industry. The author was Ben Huberman and he named the blog post “Outer Layers”. During the text he discusses the words and phrases used to describe new additional trends in the fashion world right now. He traces the origins of these words and the comedic despair is real with this blog post. It highlights some of the bigotry available in the fashion world as well as the irony in some of the words.

A word Huberman chooses to single out is the word “bespoke”, he addresses that yes this word is used these days to describe tailor made clothes. But he also mentions that the word is very apparent in the sociology of why we wear clothes. “What we wear speaks for us”. His unorthodox method of addressing subjects is what first attracted me to look at the page.Outer Layers is the page, you should have a look.

The next blog I’m going to dribble all over is by Dena Landon with the catchy title of I was Taught to Hate My Lesbian Neighbours. They Took Me In Anyway. Beside the mouthful of a title the other thing that caught my eye was the small blurb of this particular blog post. It was clear the author was an independent thinker, which I appreciated. She wasn’t homophobic and the fact that her family was and that she didn’t carry on any implicit biases from them was refreshing to know.

The final blog I’ll mention is from Mary Holden. It discusses public education and is amptly named And So It Begins. Within the blog Mary discusses her bout with anxiety and how it affected her beginning her blog. She also mentions the relationships between herself and teachers and how she felt there was some sort metaphorical gap preventing them of being capable of understanding how and why she is herself. Her anxiety is prevalent as the reason for her precautionary nature. The fact she was able to overcome this however is the reason I enjoyed the blog and took some sort of inspiration from Mary.


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