Using social networking and social media sites are easy ways to chat online, make new friends and keep in touch. However, there are some risks with meeting people online if you don’t already know them or haven’t met them in person.d1d1f9f6c26e9fd560338de8bccaa6dc

Privacy is also needed in the ordinary conduct of human affairs, to facilitate social interchange. The degree of intimacy in a relationship is determined in part by how much personal information is revealed. What one tells one’s spouse is quite different from what one would discuss with one’s employer. Privacy is even more necessary as a safeguard of freedom in the relationships between individuals and groups.

Everyone needs some room to break social norms, to engage in small “permissible deviations” that help define a person’s individuality. People need to be able to think outrageous thoughts, make scandalous statements and pick their noses once in a while. They need to be able to behave in ways that are not dictated to them by the surrounding society. If every appearance, action, word and thought of theirs is captured and posted on a social network visible to the rest of the world, they lose that freedom to be themselves.

These are the reasons I decided upon to have a look at the settings on my social media accounts


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