Coco Rocks! But not in the illegal way..

During this week in my Media Studies tutorial we were given the task of tampering with “Candy Wrappers”. We would take a photo with our phone and then upload it to photoshop, where the magic would begin.

With free reign to design my own little logo for “COCO POPS”, with multiple possibilities for puns I was spoiled for choice. However, they all seemed too mundane for my liking. I wanted my design to be at least eye-catching to make up for my inexperience with photoshop.

Playing on the connotation for “COCO” and the A-Class drug Cocaine, I thought this would at least give it a humorous feel. With the innocence between the brand Kellogg’s and it’s popularity amongst children, the contrast in meaning of the original and updated text warrants a surprised reaction and added humour.

The origins for the sentence “I’m in love with the COCO” comes from a popular song in 2014 by O.T. Genasis. The whole theme of the song is based around O.T. confessing his love for the drug, Cocaine.

The mix of these two, once thought would never have been. The contrast between this chocolate bar maker, made for children and this famous phrase coined by a rapper seems implausible. For this reason I believed it would be a funny and interesting way to manipulate this wrapper using photoshop.


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