About mise

Hi there, my name is Ciar├ín Coleman. But unless you’re my mother or my father please refrain from the use of the name. I go by Thatcher. It’s a nickname which has has carried since my Grandfather and has been since passed on through my father and onto me.

My interests are varied and broad. They go along a spectrum from sport to politics to film to music. It isn’t the common interest in these subjects though that fascinates me. It’s the ┬ámeaning behind each that intrigues me.

I’m a student at Maynooth University at the moment studying media studies along with sociology and anthropology. Before I was in Maynooth however I completed a year corse in Rathmines College of Further Education where I studied Journalism and PR. I carry a lot of interest in the media, especially the inner workings of it.

What to expect to see from me and this blog? Not a lot. I write yes and I enjoy doing it but I’m not a frequent writer. That’s not to say the content I do put out on this will be short, but it might be. What does matter is that I’m funny, sarcastic and smart which makes for enjoyable reading.

I’ll leave you with something to put a face to. This is myself (Right) in Amsterdam inside a homosexual biker bar whilst watching Ireland lose in the European Qualifiers.